Mr. Herwald Mervyn Elder

Founder & Principal

Mrs. Pamela Elder S. C.


Mrs. Natasha Elder – St. Louis

Vice Principal


Elders’ Classes is a remarkable school founded in Port of Spain by Mr. Herwald Mervyn Elder Snr. and his wife Mrs. Pamela Elder SC in September 1993.

Upon Mr. Elder’s retirement from Valsayn Teachers College he decided that he wanted to open a private school. He wanted to create a school where he would be able to fully utilize over 50 years of knowledge and experience he gained from being in the education system and teaching service. A school that would go beyond curriculum and teach each student in ways that would ignite their curiosity, creativity and passion for learning.

Elders’ Classes quickly outgrew its first location at St. James and in September 1999 Elders’ Classes was relocated to 48A Pembroke Street, Port of Spain. The building was called ‘Merela’ a combination of Mr. Elder’s (Mervyn) and his wife’s (Pamela) names.

Over the years in history, Elders’ Classes has gained the reputation for academic excellence and success in the education sector.

The dedication and enthusiasm of the teaching staff and the personalized technique of teaching in education makes the difference. It enables each student to be supported and be given the opportunity to reach their full potential in a nurturing, student –centric and academically rigorous environment.


Motto “Nothing is taught unless and until it is learnt”
At Elders’ Classes we believe that a quality education is a gift of life and as such our mission is to provide a school environment where each student develops a passion for learning and is inspired to reach their full potential.
Each student leaving our school must leave with a rich repertoire of thinking skills and academic achievements in education .


To continue and to improve the reputation of our excellence in teaching and the academic pursuits of our students in education throughout history.

Students should feel deeply cared for, listened to and encouraged at Elders’ Classes. Therefore, enabling them to be inspired to develop the skills and attributes in education to flourish in their future.